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Who inspires Maddie Sparkle?

Women supporting women. Our pole community is made up of polers creating pole art in every small corner of the world. Sometimes we work together but sometimes the people who have taught me the most are in another country somewhere far from Australia, some I may never even get the chance to meet, yet I see them on facebook and instagram everyday. They inspired me everyday and make me want to get up and train.

In this blog I will be adding pole dancers who have inspired me from the very beginning and pole dancers who I have only recently discovered. It is in no particular order. I want to share the love and I hope you follow them and get inspired too.

My first and fairly recent inspo is Daria. I actually only found her on instagram last year and I couldn't believe my eyes. If you don't know who Daria Chebotova is. Make sure you follow her now. If you love Russian exotic and sexy heels, she makes it look like melting chocolate

Every movement is slow, flexible and flawless. This style of dance is everything I love about pole and more. It is fluid and graceful while being sharp and exact.

There is something very special about the way this girl moves. Comment if you love Daria too and she has inspired you on your pole journey.

My next huge inspiration is the amazing Alethea Austin She was one of the first pole dancers I saw posting videos on social media and I couldn't believe how incredible she was. I loved everything about her. The shoes, her tattoos, her music, her style and most of all her bodyrolls and flexibility. Alethea is not only a gorgeous dancer but a gorgeous and supportive person that we are so lucky to have as part of this pole dance community.

<3 She has loads of videos on her youtube channel if you want to feel inspired too! Feel free to show your support and comment if Alethea Austin has been a huge inspiration to you too!

Felix Cane is of course the reason I pole dance. I must have watched her 2006 Miss Pole Dance Australia routine over 100 times. I knew as soon as I saw this show that there was something special about pole. Some thing that would change my life. I never imagined where pole would take me. Watching Felix made me see something more than just my normal once a week class, it made me want to get strong, flexible and most of all sexy. The way she moved was so sexy and graceful at the same time.

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