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Start Learning Pole Dancing Online Now!

Get Ready to Learn Pole Dancing Online with Pole Dance Academy Online! Are you eager to start learning pole dancing? Are you looking for an online option that allows you to learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home? Look no further than Pole Dance Academy Online. Here, you’ll find all the resources, training videos, and support needed to quickly become a master of this beautiful art form. Let’s take a closer look at what Pole Dance Academy Online offers.

Where do I buy a pole? We recommend XPole. You can click here to check out their website.

What if I don't want a pole at home? Can I still join any classes? Yes! We have so many weekly stretch classes and floor work classes so if you don't have a pole you can still benefit from PDA Online.

Step-by-Step Tutorials Pole Dance Academy Online provides step-by-step tutorials that are easy to follow along with. The tutorials provide detailed instructions and visuals that make it simple to understand each move and technique. As an added bonus, there is a forum where members can interact with one another and ask questions about the tutorials. This way, everyone can get the help they need in order to progress faster and more confidently.

Live Practice Sessions In addition to the tutorial videos, members can join live practice sessions with professional instructors who will give feedback on their technique and offer guidance on how to improve their performance. These practice sessions are great for gaining confidence as well as getting tips from experienced dancers on how to perfect your moves. But how much does it cost? Click for our prices. Competitions & Challenges Pole Dance Academy Online also offers competitions and challenges so that members can test their skills against other dancers around the world. These events provide an excellent opportunity for dancers of all levels—from beginners just starting out to advanced users—to hone their craft while having fun in the process! Competitors are judged based on difficulty level, technique, creativity, flow, originality, and overall performance.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn pole dancing without having to go out of your home or pay expensive fees for classes in a studio setting, then Pole Dance Academy Online is the perfect solution for you! With step-by-step tutorials, live practice sessions with professional instructors, competitions & challenges – everything is available right at your fingertips! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and challenge yourself by learning pole dancing from the best instructors around! You won’t regret it!

Join the team today!

Sign up to begin classes today.

Beginner to Elite level pole classes live or on demand

progress at your own speed.

You don't have to get left behind in class, you can repeat a choreo or trick as many times as you like because all of our on demand classes stay available for you to redo at any time.

The perfect way to train at home.

We want you to be the best pole dancer you can be, we have everything you need to become a pro or just enjoy a workout at home.

We can't wait to meet you online in our live zoom classes.


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